Funny 50th Birthday Poem

Feel free to recite our funny 50th birthday poem to that lucky person who is turning fifty years old. It is a time to celebrate, to laugh, and to recognize that person, we hope our poem helps you do just that.

This poem is written in a way that allows you to pick and choose the verses that you want. You can combine the verses any which way you like. You can use all the verses or only two or three that suit the birthday person. Or, you can just use one verse for a birthday message to be written in a card. Whatever your choice we hope the poetry brings a smile or a laugh to both you and the person receiving the poem.

Your Finally Fifty

For the last 50 years, you have given good advice
Sometimes we took it and sometimes thought twice

So here is our advice to you,
We donít want you to feel blue.

Don't let 50 worry you or cause you grief,
Being 50 will simply be a reminder that's brief.

You're on your way over the hill don't you know
So have a great slide as towards 60 you go!

The fact is that you are turning fifty
Even if you think 40 is real nifty

We're here to recognize your 50th birthday
It's hard to believe, wouldn't you say!

Have a great Birthday and for you three big cheers
Can't wait to help you celebrate the next 50 years.

We wish you the best,
And thank heavens the rest of us aren't 50 yet!

We want you to know before we get in bed each night
We thank the Lord cause at 50 you should be such a delight.

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